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Annual Election Period is October 15th- December 7th!  Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to make changes to their Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans during this time period.  Beneficiaries are encouraged to use this time period to review their current coverage levels and compare them with other plans within their service areas.  

Those Medicare beneficiaries that have not elected a Medicare Advantage and/or prescription drug plan are also able to enroll in new plan coverage at this time.

eMs offers Medicare beneficiaries an opportunity to attend a sales presentation in their community.  These community meetings are held by licensed insurance sales agents that can answer your questions and get you signed up for the plan that suits your needs best.  

We also offer private in home appointments for those unable to attend a community meeting.  To request an in-home appointment CLICK HERE.

Community Dates | Enrollment Meetings:
  • Every Monday begining October 14th @ 5PM. Elite Medicare Specialists, 2557 S. Crater Road, Petersburg, VA

  • Wednesday October 23rd \ 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM\ Hampton Inn South Hill VA

  • Friday October 25th | 10:00 AM | Prince George Food Bank, 6600 Courthouse Road, Prince George VA

  • Friday October 25th | 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM | Brunswick County Auditorium,       100A Tobacco Street, Lawrenceville, VA       


  • Tuesday October 29th | 11:00 AM,2:00 PM,6:00 PM | Hampton Inn, 10476 Blue Star Hwy, Stoney Creek, VA

  • Tuesday October 29th\ 2:00 PM | Mary Washington Hospital 1301 Sam Perry Blvd, Fredericksburg VA

  • Wednesday October 30th | 2:00 PM | Prince George County Library, 6605 Courts Drive, Prince George VA

  • Tuesday November 6th \ 10 AM \ Fairfied Inn, Stafford VA

  • Wednesday November 20th \ 11 :00 AM & 2:00 PM \ Greenville Co. Com. Center, Emporia VA

*** Also find us at Walmart in Colonial Heights and Petersburg beginning October 9th, CVS Forest Hill AVE and every other Sunday at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg VA***


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