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Classic Bingo Numbers 1-75
Virtual Bingo Rules & Conditions 
  • Elite Medicare Specialists bingo is administered by 

  • Elite Medicare Specialists bingo is broadcast via Zoom or Facebook LIVE.

  • Elite Medicare Specialists game times will be announced via Facebook page prior to game time.

  • Each bingo card will be randomized so all cards are unique.

  • Each player is limited to two games each day.

  • Each player will be issued a maximum of two bingo cards for each game. 

  • Each player will be required to click/mark the bingo card using their computer, tablet or smart phone. 

  • Each player is required to provide the unique ID associated with winning bingo card. Once a winning card has been declared, that card can not be played again.

  • A prize will be awarded for each game.

  • Winners will receive an email with available prizes to select.  All prizes will be sent via Amazon.

  • Winner is required to provide full name and address for shipping purposes to claim prizes. 

  • Elite Medicare Specialists owners, employees, contractors or affiliates are not permitted to play or receive prizes.

How to win.
  • Five in a row

  • Blackout

  • X

  • Four corners

Bingo winners.jpg

*Rules and conditions are subject to change at any time by event organizers*

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