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A Free Workshop for those approaching age 65


" Your Medicare choices matter!  Let's make sure you receive the vital information you desire in a straight forward, topic driven workshop. I encourage your questions.  I will provide you with resources that will help you move into the next stages of your lifecycle."  Tia Vango

Presented by Tia Garner Vango,
Director of Operations at
Elite Medicare Specialists.

Tia Vango is a licensed broker representing multiple health insurance  carriers in the Mid- Atlantic Market. She is cerified by Medicare to help people with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Supplemental products.  During her workshops particpants gain the knowledge they need to make educated decisions about their healthcare insurance needs including Medicare.   Mrs. Vango has 15 years of experience assisting Medicare beneficaries with their health insurance needs. All informational workshops are free to attend.  Future contact informtion is appreciated but not required.  


In this workshop we will cover

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Avoid the Top 4 Mistakes on Medicare!


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