An ELITE MEDICARE SPECIALIST is a highly trained, motivated license insurance agent dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.  At EMS we provide our agents with the guidance and resources available in today's ever changing healthcare market.  It is this guidance that sets us apart from the next agency.  Your success is our business!  Are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to start a rewarding career that has unlimited income potential? With over 20 years of experience in the senior healthcare market, EMS is your answer!  If you would like to become an independent agent with EMS... APPLY HERE.

Agency Services

  • EMS Mentor- One of our team leads will be with you every step of the way.  Your mentor will help you set up pre-licensing class, answer questions you have about product training, walk you through vendor assignments, go out on appointments with you for training and provide feedback to success. 

  • Strategy Management-   Your mentor will assist you in the involves the formulation and implementation of your major business goals and initiatives.  Both your career objective and market trends will be taken into consideration when help you determine and implement these goals.   

  • Business Development-   We will help  you establish a marketing plan to attain the business goals and initiatives that you set.

  • Sales & Product Training​​- Compliant sales and product training are what we do best. Your EMS mentor along with value business partners will lead classroom/ web based training.  We will teach you the concepts and join you in the field to help you master the skill set. 

  • Community Based Marketing Opportunities​​-  Why do it by yourself?  At EMS we believe that growing our business involves letting those in the community know we are here.  We will assist you in introducing yourself to the community in which you live. 

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